Break FREE of 100% of Your Credit Card Processing Fees

Our cash discount program can save you a lot in credit card processing, by shifting these costs to customers, and by offering discounts to everyone who pays in cash.

What is the Cash Discount Program?

The Cash Discount Program is a wonderful way to balance your merchant services fees without increasing your prices. Merchants using the Cash Discount Program will NOT pay for credit card processing. You probably wonder, “How does this program work? Sounds too good to be true!” Let us explain. 

For starters, the Cash Discount Program is a new type of account that is gaining massive popularity throughout the country. Although not suitable for all types of businesses, the Cash Discount program works very well with a wide range of business models.

How Does the Cash Discount Program Work?

The credit card terminal automatically introduces a customer service fee of 4% for all customers and discounts this fee for customers paying in cash. Hence the name of the program! The fee for customer service corresponds to the costs of handling each transaction, which eliminates the merchant’s bill. *Our cash discount program complies with Visa, MasterCard, State, and Processor Regulations policies. 

What's the Difference between the Cash Discount Program and Surcharging?

Surcharging is an additional fee charged for using your credit card. This discourages customers from using their credit cards.